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Perfect Crystal Mirror Touch Screen (10-42inch)
 Widely used in kitchen, hotel,bathroom and intelligent interaction products
 The perfect optical grade crystal mirror determines her outstanding performance. You can choose a completely hidden picture mirror panel, you can also choose a black crystal panel which is very easy to match with decoration style. Or, you can also design patterns for yourself, and then printed on the mirror. If you pursue the perfect touch, then you can choose one side AR panel, so that the front of the glass is almost non-existent. 
 Touch technology is the core part of the mirror electric products, through different panels, and light source, for different reflection and refraction adjustment, in order to achieve the perfect effect. Our products are equipped with industrial grade touch IC EETI and optical crystal mirror, she can be a mirror to the soul of the window, can also be glass curtain wall on the door to the vast universe. The back of the complete expansion of the interface from a variety of signal output, such as USB, RS232, and other devices in series, all for you to set up their own multimedia entertainment projects ready.

Large Size Special Shape CTP (10.1-42inch)
 Mainly used in car, ship industry, military and other special industries.
 Main technical parameters

Driving voltage:    3.3V/5.0V DC

Surface hardness: 7H


Film to glass>85%

Operating temperature: -20℃ ~ +70℃

Glass to glass>87%

Storage temperature: -30℃ ~ +80℃

Resolution:      7680*5120

Operating pressure: < 10g

Data refresh frequency:60Hz

Glass thickness: 2.0mm,3mm,5mm,6mm,8mm

Real multi touch: up to 10 points at the same time output

Glass type: physical tempered glass, AG glass, AR glass, etc.

 Performance and features
 >Real support multi point operation up to 10 points;
 >Almost zero operating pressure and smooth touch feeling;
 >Long service life;
 >Special screen structure determines the higher transmittance and clarity;
>Operation panel glass, dual or shaped as a whole, the appearance of the product is more smooth, more beautiful.