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2.0inch Standard TFT LCD Can Improve Biochemical Oct 10, 2017

2.0inch Standard TFT LCD Electronic Wastewater treatment is a combination of microelectronics and industrial wastewater treatment, in the thin film transistor liquid crystal display (2.0inch Standard TFT LCD) technology, electronic wastewater treatment technology using modern High-tech technology for sewage treatment, this is a new innovation and try. China's vast market demand for LCD panels to further explore the international market to provide conditions for the introduction of foreign investment, the expansion of thin-film transistor liquid crystal display production lines, to establish a more extensive production market to meet production needs. In the production process, if the waste water produced is not properly treated, the impact on the surrounding environment is extremely unfavorable. The environmental pollution caused by industrial pollution is a serious ecological damage, and the time and energy needed in the recovery process are also enormous. The reasonable wastewater treatment process can effectively remove the waste water pollutant, which is an important technique in the process of 2.0inch Standard TFT LCD electronic Wastewater treatment.

There are three main types of 2.0inch Standard TFT LCD electronic wastewater: acid and alkali wastewater, organic wastewater and fluorine-containing wastewater. In wastewater, the main pollutant in wastewater is acid-base, salt and scale inhibitor, the main pollutant in organic wastewater is RGB dye, linear phenolic resin, acetone and formamide, the main pollutant of fluorine-containing wastewater is phosphate, nitrate, fluoride and so on. The production process of 2.0inch Standard TFT LCD electronic devices is different, and the types of chemical drugs and dosage in the production process are different, so the discharge of different waste water will be different. Different types of wastewater treatment methods, 2.0inch Standard TFT LCD electronic Wastewater composition is complex, in the treatment process also increased the difficulty. Considering the impact load of wastewater and the improvement of water quality structure, the harmfulness of pollutant composition is reduced. Organic nitrogen in wastewater is decomposed into ammonia nitrogen in anaerobic environment, and most of the refractory organics need to be decomposed in anaerobic environment. Chemical and anaerobic biochemical treatment of complex electronic wastewater can improve biochemical

The formation of hydrolysis anaerobic process undergoes a certain period of time, and its principle is to induce the bio-catalysis reaction of the insoluble macromolecule substance in water by the hydrolysis bacterium and the enzyme released by the acid-producing bacterium, that is, broken chain and water soluble. Microorganisms complete intracellular biochemical reactions through water-soluble substrates, and excrete various organic acids at the same time. The biodegradability and degradation rate of the wastewater were improved, and the degradation of macromolecular material was converted into a small molecule substance with easy degradation, and the removal rate was improved.

Although the biodegradation of wastewater can reduce environmental pollution in the process of 2.0inch Standard TFT LCD electronic Wastewater treatment, it is very complex to use various raw materials and chemical components in industrial production, and it is very difficult to ensure that the harmfulness of pollutants in this waste water is far-reaching to human living environment and healthy growth. Therefore, it is helpful to further biochemical treatment of wastewater by degrading the harmfulness of pollutant components in hydrolysis anaerobic process and alleviating the pressure of wastewater pollution treatment. In the process of hydrolysis and anaerobic, the application practice and requirement of different regions are different, and the treatment of wastewater discharge standard is worth popularizing.