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3.5inch High Brightness Outdoor TFT Neat And Directional Oct 24, 2017

3.5inch High Brightness Outdoor TFT--thin Film transistor Liquid Crystal Display, which can be divided into polysilicon (POLY-SI TFT) and amorphous silicon (A-SI TFT), the difference between the two is that the difference between the transistors. The molecular structure of polycrystalline silicon in a grain (grain) of the arrangement of the state is neat and directional, so the electron mobility rate than the chaotic arrangement of amorphous silicon faster $number times. Polysilicon products are mainly composed of high-temperature polycrystalline silicon (HTPs) and low-temperature polycrystalline silicon (LTPS) two. Generally referred to as 3.5inch High Brightness Outdoor TFT refers to amorphous silicon, technology is mature, is the current market LCD mainstream products, and now the world's LCD manufacturers have set up polysilicon production lines, and is committed to the development of OLED.

Tn--twisted Nematic (Twisted to column type), liquid crystal molecule deflection speed, response time period, soft screen, color difference (native 6Bit, only show red/green/Blue 64 colors, through the dithering algorithm can reach nearly 8Bit color, But there is no way of accuracy and naturalness compared to native 8Bit.

va--can be divided into Fujitsu-led MVA (multi-domain Vertical Alignment) and Samsung developed PVA (patterned Vertical Alignment). VA panel, 8Bit color and large visibility, its positive contrast is higher (black and white contrast is very high), but the screen uniformity is not good, often will occur color drift, soft screen (with the hands of the touch panel, the time of the plum blossom pattern of the VA panel, the appearance of water ripple of the TN panel).

ips--visual angle is big, the corresponding speed is fast, color restores accurate, hard screen.

The biggest feature is that two levels are on the same surface, unlike other LCD mode electrodes in the upper and lower two, its state in no matter where the liquid crystal molecules are always parallel to the screen, will make the opening rate reduced, reduce transmittance. Its light serious,3.5inch High Brightness Outdoor TFT black purity is not enough, to be worse than PVA, need to rely on optical film to compensate, and because light transmittance is lower than TN, so need more backlight support.

TFT Simple Construction

A number of transparent metal-coated wires, lined and insulated, are arranged on the rear glass panel, dividing the glass into many tiny squares called pixel units (or sub-pixel).

A structure diagram of a pixel unit

The TFT film field effect tube is connected with two vertical and horizontal conductors, which controls the switch of the TFT tube by applying voltage to the x-axis conductor, thus controlling the pixel electrode, liquid crystal arrangement and imaging.

Liquid crystal layer can be equivalent to a liquid crystal capacitor c_lc, Its size is about 0.1pF, in practice, this capacitor is not able to maintain the voltage until the next time to update the screen data time (generally 60Hz screen update, need to keep about 16ms),3.5inch High Brightness Outdoor TFT so that the voltage has changed, the gray scale shown will be incorrect, therefore, in the panel design will add a storage capacitor CS (generally by the pixel electrode and the common electrode line. Formed), with a value of about 0.5pF, so that the voltage charged to keep the electricity up to the next update screen time.