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8 Inch Standard TFT LCD Mature And Stable, Simple Process, High Efficiency Nov 03, 2017

In the manufacture of 8 Inch Standard TFT LCD and touch screen, in order to improve production efficiency, reduce manufacturing costs, the formation of large-scale mass production, often in a larger glass on the production of multiple 8 Inch Standard TFT LCD or touch screen, silk printed into the box after a number of 8 Inch Standard TFT LCD or touch screen units, To separate these small units for liquid crystal perfusion, the cutting process is to split the whole box of glass into a 8 Inch Standard TFT LCD or touch screen monomer. At present, the more common cutting technology has knife wheel cutting, laser cutting and water jet cutting several technology. They each have their own advantages, but also there are some shortcomings or limitations. So each company according to its own and product structure characteristics to choose the appropriate cutting technology.

First, the liquid crystal empty box prepared by the front procedure, fixed on the cutting machine working table, through the knife wheel along the glass cutting marks under a certain pressure, the glass on the formation of a consistent depth and width of the incision, the accuracy and speed of the equipment directly affect the product quality and production efficiency.

The trajectory of the wheel movement is called the cutting line. A cutting mark is in each of the four corners of a group of LCD screens during the cutting process. Because the LCD display electrode surface to be exposed, so the display has the upper and lower glass size points. After confirming the upper and lower film,8 Inch Standard TFT LCD the glass is placed on the cutting machine platform fixed, set the cutting data (including the number of cutting and stepping distance, etc.), cut the cutting depth and cutting pressure, in the edge of the glass without graphics to do a test cut, adjusted after the batch can be cut. After cutting the glass to be cracked, broken is a splinter machine to complete, the principle of the lobes in the back of the glass cutting knife to exert a certain pressure on the glass deformation, glass along the cutting line split. After the cracked liquid crystal box for the convenience of perfusion liquid crystal, to put the empty box into a dedicated basket, after pouring liquid crystal, but also use the cutting machine to cut the LCD box into the LCD unit.

It has a cost advantage, the application is also very extensive,8 Inch Standard TFT LCD its technology is mature and stable, the craft is simple, the efficiency is high; the good rate of glass cutting mainly depends on the quality of the knife wheel (performance aspect: stability, sharpness of the edge, precision of processing, and the adaptability of cutter wheel and cutting machine, etc.). )。 Knife wheel from the cutting of ordinary flat glass and float glass alloy knife wheel (commonly known as tungsten steel wheel) development and upgrading to the cutting TFT-LCD panel, substrate glass, touch-screen common diamond knife wheel, high penetration and micro-tooth diamond knife wheel;

The mechanical cutting method has some defects in the ultra-thin substrate material. In particular, the cutter produces a small amount of debris in the material, and the cutting surface must be perpendicular to the surface of the glass; In addition, mechanical cutting has left a significant mechanical stress on the edge part of the machining. In fact, the mechanical cutting process thickness of less than 1mm base material is very difficult, because the thickness of the glass is very fragile. To prevent further crushing of glass after initial cutting, it may require grinding or polishing on the cutting surface. Moreover, the back-road clean-up process is also necessary to clean up the residue that may interfere with subsequent processes such as circuit formation. Laser Cutting glass solves these limitations.