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An LCD Screen To Note Three Important Indicators Sep 12, 2016

The first is the color depth problem. Is what we used to say 65k, 26W, and so on. Screen is made up of pixels. Here is a pixel color depth refers to how many colors can be displayed. Then said 65k is a point you can display 65536 colors.

Second screen material. We often say that the TFT or STN refers to the screen material. We leave his work, current screen displays, followed by TFT>TFD>UFB>STN of the best. Also like: OLED technology for screen more. For example, v868, 8280, and so on. Self luminous contrast is higher, but it is said that Samsung's new OLED development models have be used as home screen. TFD shows the effect is good, but brightness TFT is still dark, but the relative power.

Last one is the most ignored. Is the screen resolution, but resolution is one of the more important aspects. Mainstream models of screen resolution is 160*128, 160*128 resolution to work correctly. High resolution, such as Moto v303/v600 use a 220*176 resolution, and he is similar to that of the display area and the 160*128, so you can get a good result. Image is more delicate, human lips gloss can be demonstrated. Here also said QVGA resolution screen. Sharp gx22, show extremely good results, reaching the 320*240 resolution, but relatively large display area. NEC n820 is 320*240 screen resolution. This is the Japan standard mainstream machines.