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Capacitance Touch Screen Notes And Frequently Asked Questions Sep 12, 2016

1, and if using who using of is capacitor type touch screen, so recommends using who in first times using Shi, first first according to related manual of requirements right installation good capacitor touch screen by need of drive program, then with finger followed by click screen Shang of "began"/"program"/"Microtouch Touchware" to run screen calibration program, calibration completed yihou, system automatically will calibration Hou of data store in controller of left-device within, Again after you restart the system you do not need to recalibrate your screen.

2, if in the middle of operation capacitive touch screen, again changed the touch screen monitor resolution or display mode, or after you adjust the refresh rate of the touch screen controller, feel and touch the cursor cannot correspond, you must again to calibrate the touch screen system operation.

3, in order to ensure normal operation of the touch-screen system, in addition to ensure the correct installation of the software of the system, it must also remember not to install in a host of two or more kinds of touch screen driver, this will easily lead to conflict while the system is running, which makes the touch-screen system that doesn't use.

4, and in using resistance type touch screen Shi, if found cursor not moving or only in local regional mobile Shi, using who can view about touch screen of touch regional whether was other touch real always pressure live, for example once touch screen was display shell or machine Cabinet shell pressure live has, on equivalent to a is has been was touch, so feedback to controller of coordinates location on not accurate.