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Capacitive Touch Panel Colorful Colors Are More Lively And Lively Jul 13, 2017

With the technology update iteration, consumers touch visual experience continues to improve, e-reader has become a very popular class of digital products, many digital players from the purchase of the reader began to retrieve the fun of reading, which also So that these products have become a "entertaining" representatives. Looking at the current market, e-reader has been divided into two types of products, one is the use of electronic paper technology, "electronic paper book", the other is the use of Capacitive Touch Panel LCD display color "e-book" products, which is technology Other than the Capacitive Touch Panel display solution, and it has been able to appear and rapid development, the reason is that it solved some of the shortcomings of the program.                   First of all, the most intuitive, and now the display can only display black and white gray three colors, and gray scale which also have 8-order gray, 16 gray scale, in the real effect will have different performance. As the black and white electronic ink can only show the black and white color, so the performance of the picture is very simple, no matter how good the color of the picture, in the black and white electronic ink display, will show a black and white color, the effect is not enough shock, For comics, but also a good performance, but for photos and other pictures, it seems a bit powerless.                                      

The lack of content support means that we can only read the black and white on the product of the novel and the document, although the effect is very close to the effect of paper on the reality of the paper, but because only the black and white color, Performance, and capacitive screen color e-book will be slightly less than. Capacitive Touch Panel color display e-book through a variety of colors can be read the performance of the text more lively, and thus, to improve people's reading interest and efficiency.

Capacitive Touch Panel structure is mainly in the glass screen with a layer of transparent film layer, and then in the conductor layer plus a protective glass, double glass design can completely protect the conductor layer and sensor.

Capacitive Touch Panel in the touch screen are coated with long and narrow sides of the electrode, in the conductor to form a low voltage AC electric field. In touching the screen, due to the human body electric field, between the finger and the conductor layer will form a coupling capacitor, the four sides of the electrode current will flow to the contact, and the current strength and the finger to the electrode is proportional to the distance, after the touch screen controller Will calculate the proportion of current and strength, accurate calculation of the location of the touch point. Capacitive Touch Panel double glass not only protects the conductor and the sensor, more effectively prevent the external environment factors affect the touch screen, even if the screen stained with dirt, dust or grease, Capacitive Touch Panel can still accurately calculate the touch position.

Capacitive Touch Panel is in the glass surface affixed to a layer of transparent special metal conductive material. When the finger touches the metal layer, the capacitance of the contact will change so that the frequency of the oscillator connected to it changes, and the touch position information can be determined by measuring the frequency change. As the capacitance with temperature, humidity or ground conditions vary, so the stability of the poor, often produce drift phenomenon. This kind of touch screen is suitable for the debugging phase of system development.