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Standard Single TFT Display Ability To Control Signal Voltages On IC Control Circuits Oct 24, 2017

1. Back light (or backlight module)

Backlight layer is actually a backlight light source and the structure of the guide plate, in fact, can be white light lamp or light-emitting diode, backlight light source is now mostly led light source. (so the TV business said the LED is actually refers to the LED backlight LCD, not the real led). Because the liquid crystal molecule itself is not luminous, so if you want to appear, the LCD screen needs a special source to provide light, and then the liquid crystal molecules to deflect to produce different colors. And the backlight is to provide the role of light energy. The lamp (or LED) glows and distributes the light through the guide plate,Standard Single TFT Display focusing the direction of all light on the liquid crystal molecule through the reflector on the back. Finally, the light is distributed evenly through the prism sheet and the diffusion plate, avoiding the situation that the central brightness is too high and the ambient brightness is too low.

The role of light guide plate is very simple, is to make the backlight even. Careful observation can be seen on the surface of the backlight has a dense point,Standard Single TFT Display these points are the role of light guide, the production of professional optical analysis, control of the density of each location can be controlled by the light guide plate in this position to shoot out the number of rays. The precision design of the light guide plate outlets can let both sides of the incident beam evenly scattered across the plane, if the backlight layer of the lamp laying or guide plate has problems, very easy to lead to the emergence of Yin and yang screen;

Below the guide plate also has a layer of bright reflection paper, the function is also very simple, is to put the above light reflection back. The previous phone is thicker,Standard Single TFT Display the entire backlight module is surrounded by iron frame protection, now a lot of projects in order to do thin all save the iron box, this will lead to a problem, once the bottom of the reflective paper force deformation, it reflects the light is the local concentration, performance in the surface of the screen formed a water ripple;

2. Diffusion film

The effect of the modified diffusion angle on the backlight structure will increase the area of the light radiation, but reduce the light intensity of the unit area, that is to reduce the brightness. After diffusion of the luminescent light source by diffusion material, it can become larger area and better uniformity.

3. Luster Film

Also called the prism film, usually has the upper and lower layers, mainly to play the role of brightening, the prism film is placed between the diffuser and the LCD panel of the backlight, it can converge the light emitted from the diffusion slice to the angle of the axial angle,Standard Single TFT Display which is to raise the axial brightness without increasing the total luminous flux. If the diffusion film or the prism membrane is damaged locally, the resulting light will have problems, so the white spot can be reflected on the screen.

4. Upper and lower Layer two Polarizer

The role of the polarizer is to let the light pass through the single direction, the polarizing layer is made by the PVA film after the dyeing and stretching, this is the main part of the Polarizer, also known as the polarizing film. It determines polarizing properties and transmittance of Polarizer, and also affects the hue and optical durability of polarizer.

5. Two glass substrates on the upper and lower floors

Glass substrates are not just two pieces of glass so simple, the inside has a groove structure, and attach to the membrane, you can let the liquid crystal molecules along the groove neatly arranged. TFT thin film transistors and color filters are affixed on both sides of the upper and lower layers of glass. The liquid crystal layer is sandwiched between two layers of glass.

6. Thin film transistors (what we often call TFT)

We often say that TFT-LCD, it actually refers to this thin-film transistor, its role is similar to the switch, TFT can control the IC control circuit signal voltage, and transfer it to liquid crystal molecules, determine the angle size of liquid crystal molecule deflection, so it is a very important part.

7. Liquid crystal Molecular Layer

The liquid crystal molecule layer is the most important element to change the light polarization state, which determines its arrangement and polarized state by electric power and elastic force.